Last update: July 2003

HTML and CSS tutorial

Learn HTML and CSS today!

Why learn both HTML and CSS?

You might be asking yourself why you should bother to learn CSS. Many people know HTML as the language web pages are written in. Why will not learning HTML alone do?

When you create a web page you care what the page is going to look like. You want to control what font is used, where images are placed, colors and more. You also want your styling choices applied consistently to all your web pages.

This is where CSS excels. CSS has been developed as a tool to make it easy for you to control the formatting and layout of webpages. HTML is good at describing the structure and contents of webpages. CSS is good at describing what those structures should look like.

CSS complements HTML. Using HTML and CSS together is the modern forward looking way to create web pages. Today all web browsers support CSS. There is no longer any reason to use yesterdays cumbersome ways to format your web pages.

Start learning HTML and CSS now!


Do you want to create your own web pages? By learning modern HTML and CSS you can create web pages that both look good and are easy to maintain. The HTML and CSS tutorials on this site will teach you all you need to know to get going making your own web pages.

  1. Your first HTML-document - the basics
    So what does HTML look like? || Vocabulary: Element and Tag || Vocabulary: Mark Up || Summary
  2. Valid HTML
    Document type declaration || html and body element || The shortest valid HTML document || The head and title elements || Summary
  3. More on elements and structure
    Headings - the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 elements || White space || Forcing a line break - the br element || Paragraphs - the p element || Bold and Italics text || It's all about structure! || Summary
  4. Styling your HTML-documents
    What is a stylesheet? || Linking HTML and CSS: the LINK element || Your first stylesheet || Vocabulary: Rule, Selector, Declaration, Property and Value || Summary

Writing modern HTML using CSS for styling is great fun. By following the tutorials on this site you will discover how easy it is to develop web content using modern methods.

Yes, we are eating our own dog food!

This guide to HTML and CSS has been created using nothing but CSS to style the web pages. The menu on the upper left part of the screen has been brought to life using CSS. The text box to the right has been placed and styled using CSS. No tables or javascripts have been used.

This HTML and CSS tutorial web site won't tell you everything you need to know in order to create a web site as complex as this one. This tutorial will give you a solid foundation to start practicing HTML with CSS.

There is more to come

We are currently writing more tutorials to appear on this website. The new tutorials will discuss more aspects of CSS styling and more on HTML. We also plan some reference pages and a CSS FAQ to help you get up to speed using HTML and CSS faster. Later on we will also include a tutorial with tips on how you can learn and experiment writing HTML and CSS on your own Microsoft Windows PC using software you already have installed.

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